Nollywood action packed actor, Jnr Pope Odowodo has passed away. The actor and others drowned in River Niger, Delta State on Wednesday evening. 

Although, it has been rumoured that he was revived after being conformed dead, insider sources revealed to Julia Blaise Blog that Jnr Pope is dead. 

According to the source, Jnr Pope was filming with others while in the boat, he made a video that was posted, which made people thought it was a PR stunt for the movie being shot.

The source said, “One of the crew members that survived by name Emeka Johnson took safety precautions and bought a life jacket while he saved his life others died.”

He continued, When Jnr Pope was rescued, it seemed like he was still alive, he was taken to a shrine, the herbalist advised them to take him to the hospital. He was rushed to the hospital and the hospital didn't have oxygen, at the fourth hospital, he died.”