The Chairman of Copyright Society of Nigeria ( COSON), Chief Tony Okoroji has welcomed a grand son. 

The onetime president of Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN) announced the joyous news on Facebook on Tuesday, saying his son Tony Okoroji Jr and his wife, Andrea Azoro brought the bouncing baby boy into the world in Dallas, Texas.


Some of you, my friends, may recall joining my family in celebrating the scintillating wedding in New York City on Sunday July 11, 2021 of my only son, Tony Okoroji Jr. to his beau, Andrea Azoro.

Tony Okoroji the 2nd or TJ, as I call him, is my best friend. We share practically everything. We can talk and laugh about anything for hours on end. There are only two things I think we differ on. I am fanatical about Arsenal, the all-conquering Gunners and TJ loves Chelsea, the team that seems to be breaking his heart by losing too many football matches these days.  

Apart from holding a Nigerian passport, TJ also holds an American passport, making him a dual citizen. My friends know that despite Nigeria’s many troubles and challenges, I continue to resist every attraction to the passport of any other nation.

I had asked TJ and Andrea whom I love with all my heart, to bring to life a grandson I will name “Tony Okoroji the 3rd" This 14th day of November 2023, they made me the happiest man in the world. My grandson, “Tony Okoroji the 3rd" just touched down in Dallas Texas. 

Please, join me in celebrating this great gift of the Almighty. Join me in welcoming “Tony Okoroji the 3rd"!” He wrote.