The Rivers State Police Command, having received a TikTok video shared on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) by a user @UchePOkoye, has taken proactive steps to establish communication with the concerned individual referred to as "Kay Persona". Since September 8, 2023, despite the Command's commitment to ensuring utmost confidentiality, the said complainant has not come forward to formally register any grievances related to the content depicted in the TikTok video.

Any attempts to blackmail the Command through social media or spreading false information will not be tolerated. It is essential to note that police officers who have been found wanting in their relationship with members of the public have been dealt with, and we remain committed to addressing such issues. Anyone with concrete information as to the whereabouts of 'Kay Persona,' should, please contact the Command, as he has not responded to our invitations. 

In the light of this absence of official contact from the affected party, the command hereby believes the content of the video to be unsubstantiated and therefore false.