The duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, otherwise known as, P-Square has announced the relase of a new album after 9 years. 

In an exclusive interview with CNN, the duo disclosed their plans to release a highly anticipated album within the year, sending waves of excitement throughout the Nigerian music industry. Now, after years of eager anticipation, P-Square is set to once again grace the music scene with their remarkable talent and irresistible beats.

Since their reunion in 2022, P-Square wasted no time in reclaiming their position in the spotlight. They dropped two singles, “Jaiye (Ihe g’eme)” and “Find Somebody,” as a teaser for their epic ‘100 Cities World Tour.’ This remarkable tour took them on an exhilarating musical journey across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, leaving fans in awe of their electrifying performances.

During their candid conversation with CNN, the Okoye twins shed light on the underlying reasons that led to their previous split. Paul openly acknowledged the common challenges faced by music groups, stating, “Anything you see that happens to a (music) group, it’s the same thing that happened to us.”

He further emphasized their awareness of the disappointment felt by fans, recognizing that such reactions are a natural consequence, given their human nature.