A helicopter has crashed at Sacramento Executive Airport in California is being blamed on an unknown thief.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the crash to PEOPLE Thursday, adding that they "don't yet know how many people were on board or their conditions."

In a statement to PEOPLE, the FBI added that they were investigating "the theft of an aircraft" in association with the Sacramento Police Department. It added that the crash "caused damage to multiple aircraft at Sacramento Executive Airport."

"During the early morning hours of March 15, 2023, Sacramento Police Department officers responded to the 6100 block of Freeport Blvd following reports of helicopters being broken into, including one that appeared to have been operated resulting in a collision," added the FBI statement.

"Upon arrival on scene Sacramento Executive Airport, officers located a helicopter that had been operated, and was involved in an incident that caused damage to multiple aircraft," it continued.

"This investigation is ongoing, and the FBI and Sacramento Police Department continue to work collaboratively to investigate the incident and locate the subjects involved."