A tattoo removal studio in London is offering a special deal for regretful Kanye West fans.

NAAMA Studios shared via Instagram last month that it would remove tattoos of the 45-year-old rapper at no cost.

The studio first shared a post of a man folding his arms, showing off a tattoo that reads "Bye."

"We'll remove your Kanye tattoos for free," it wrote over the image on November 15.

It later posted a video of one former fan getting a portrait of West removed from their arm and wrote over the clip, "Yeezy come, Yeezy go ... "

It added in the caption, "When you have a tattoo inspired by someone you admire and they end up making headlines for all the wrong reasons… at NAAMA we offer an empowering, empathetic, high-tech tattoo clearing experience. If you want a change, we're here to help."

Around the time of the initial post, West was being criticized for making antisemitic comments.