A man, Bolaji Odukoya has narrated a disturbing experience with officers of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Lagos State. 

Odukoya on his Twitter handle, @BolajiOdukoya, revealed that he ran into SARS officers at Bayo Kuku, Ikoyi, who performed a stop and search on him and his car, but found nothing. 

Insteading of allowing him to go, they hit the back of gun on him, pushed and slapped him before throwing him inside the van and drove him to secluded area. 

Getting to a dead end at Sura area, they searched his phone with 'keywords' but saw nothing, instead of allowing him to go, they demanded he pays N600,000.00 for resisting arrest.

Odukoya further narrated that the officers drove him around Ikoyi in search of ATM machine, to withdraw the amount they agreed for his release. 

Eventually, they made him transfer his hard earned money to an Opay account, which they provided before he got his freedom.

Odukoya said: "My SARS kidnap experience on Monday 01/08/2022. Was really reluctant to tweet this cause thinking about it is so draining but I know it’s friday today and people will be out till late and maybe it can save someone’s day.

On my way from Ikoyi(Alexander) to VI at about 11:38 pm I was stopped by some guys at Bayo Kuku  (The right turn after the deputy governors residence) I could see FSWAT on their black T-shirts/ polos. 

They asked me to come down and show them my trunk I did , asked for my papers and license I showed them, next thing one of them suggested they take me to their station to interrogate me , I said I wasn’t going anywhere , asking them what I did and all, they started to push me I resisted, one hit the back of his gun on my lap, while the other pushed, slapped me and all.

I left my phone in the car so one of them had reached out to get it.

After a scuffle they managed to get me in their van they drove my car, while they had said they were taking me to the station, they took me to a dead end at Sura, what seemed like a normal spot for them.

They started searching for keywords on my phone they searched “Client” “tramadol” “drugs” can’t remember what else , they couldn’t find anything incriminating and proceeded to tell me they were arresting me for resisting and dragging with police officers and I have to pay them 600k , it was already 1am by this time.

I started negotiating with them agreed on my “ransom”, they had one of them drive me round to look for ATM’s to withdraw agreed amount withdraw from , we couldn’t find any , they called him to bring me back while they had found an Opay account for me to transfer to, then they let me drive home.

Also while all these was going on other policemen were bringing people they had arrested to this same spot, because of what happened the next day I had a police man drive me around cause I had things to do , we saw another set of SARS guys just after ST Saviours before the Ikoyi link Bridge.

Another set were seen at Bayo Kuku again last night by a friend just at 10:30 pm.

Seems like what is slowly becoming a thing for them. May Nigeria not happen to us."