Suspected vandals has smashed through the grave of murdered rapper, Pop Smoke and tried to remove his casket on Saturday morning.  

Sources told TMZ that they found the tomb vandalized during a visit at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Photos of the destruction indicate that the slain rapper's headstone had been smashed, and scratch marks indicated the vandals may have tried to pull out his casket.

The 20-year-old New York rapper, whose legal name was Bashar Barakah Jackson, was shot dead on February 19 at his $2.5million rental home in the Hollywood Hills.  

The LAPD said the five suspects, including two boys aged 15 and 17, targeted his house when they saw pictures on his social media.

They narrowed down where he lived by using the images and an address posted on a gift bag, and then killed him during a robbery gone wrong, authorities say. 

Pop Smoke's casket was interred in a mausoleum surrounded by several other caskets.

An outer wall featured a headstone for the musician (born Bashar Barakah Jackson), but photos snapped by an eyewitness seem to indicate that vandals were able to remove the stone.

The top corners had been broken off and shards were scattered on the ground just below it while the remaining chunk of the stone had been leaned up against the tomb.

The ground in front of the stone was also littered with flowers, which may have been left prior to the vandalism, and what a witness said appeared to be burned marijuana joints.