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Boko Haram claims responsibility of shooting down missing Air Force Fighter Jet


Boko Haram has released a footage, showing the terrorist group shooting down a fighter jet mid-air. 

The military on Wednesday, 31st of March said an aircraft that was first reported to have got missing mid-air, crashed.

However, Boko Haram claimed it shot down the Alpha fighter jet.

The video, which could not be verified by AFP, was released on a Boko Haram social media channel showing a militant standing on what the group claims is the wreckage of the jet. It shows the Nigerian flag and number NAF 475 on its fuselage.

“Nigeria air force jet fighter… was sent to Sambisa to fight the Mujahideen,” the militant said.

The air force said on Friday that the jet may have crashed. It said the cause of the crash and the whereabouts of the two crew onboard were unknown.

“Search and rescue efforts are still ongoing by NAF surveillance aircraft as well as NAF Special Forces and Nigerian Army troops on ground,” its statement said.

“At this point, the NAF is not ruling out anything regarding the incident. It however remains hopeful that the crew would soon be found and rescued.”

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