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To describe Bala Mohammed as A Terrorist is Absurd – FFK replies Ortom over comments against Bala


Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has replied Governor Samuel Ortom's comments that his counterpart, Bala Mohammed is a terrorist.

Ortom had said this on Monday while addressing the media in a press briefing, saying that Bala is among the people threatening to assassinate him.

Fani-Kayode on Monday night threw weight behind Bala, saying that to describe Bala as a terrorist is uncharitable and absurd.

"We must choose our battles wisely & know who our real enemies are. I have disagreed with my friend & brother Gov. Bala Mohammed on several occassions over the years & I do not share his views on a number of issues but to describe him as a terrorist is uncharitable & absurd.

This is a man who stands up for Southerners Middle Belters and Christians as much as he stands up for Northern Muslims. It is fair to say that had it not been for his efforts President Goodluck Jonathan may not have become President after President Yaradua died.

His role in the Senate at that time in ensuring that the then Vice President Goodluck Jonathan was declared Acting President was exemplary & inspiring. Bala may sometimes say things that many in the South disagree with but his spirit is clean & his mind is pure.

He is not a racist, a religious bigot or a hegemonist & supremacist. He is not the one that leads a state in which Christians are being slaughtered or that ethnic minorities are being marginalised, humiliated and destroyed. If you are looking for a terrorist Governor I can name one or two but Bala is not amongst them. He is a leading member of the PDP Ministers Forum, a group which I belong to, & I assure anyone that cares to listen that he is far more comfortable with indulging in an intellectual joust in which we can agree to disagree than .in carrying guns, throwing bombs and killing people. It would serve our interest better if we learnt to separate the wheat from the chaff and stop demonising people simply because they do not share our views.

To call Bala a terrorist is unacceptable and erroneous. I doubt that has ever killed a chicken let alone a human being." He tweeted.

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