#InternationalPovertyEradicationDay: Mimiko warns Govt to act while there's time



As the world celebrates International Poverty Eradication Day, the former Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko has called on the government to act now while there is still time, to avoid revolution.

Mimiko said this after alluding to Aristotle's word: ‘Poverty is the Parents of Revolution and Crime',  and recalling #EndSARS protest, he warned the government to act on time.

"As the world celebrates the #InternationalPovertyEradicationDay, let’s bear in mind Aristotle’s word: ‘POVERTY IS THE PARENT OF REVOLUTION AND CRIME’. Hmmm #EndSARS protests on my mind. Govt. ameliorative plan with timeline now..while there is time," he tweeted.