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Davido calls for #ElectoralReform, #RuleofLaw & #EndBadGovernance



Pop singer, Davido has called for #ElectoralReform, #RuleofLaw and an end to bad governance as #EndSARS protest continues nationwide and around world.

The FEM! crooners said bad governance is the behind police brutality, and numerous unlawful activities ongoing in the country.

In series of tweets on Saturday, Davido said Nigerian youths are no longer going to wait for election time, before reforming the electoral process.

"This is the problem. They don’t feel like they owe us enough. That they owe us explanations enough. That our unhappiness shouldn’t cost them their sleep!!! It all goes back to our votes and the fact they feel we ate not responsible for them being in these positions !!

We need #ElectoralReform for these leaders to truly understand this accountability we are asking for is our right!!!

Look how far we had to come for the interests of hundreds of millions of people to matter !! Something that should already be priority if they know that we are the ones that truly put there there!! I was told in Abuja been on this police matter since 2017 !!

Meanwhile see how much progress has been made in just 1 week that they’re shaken and serious !! 1 week that we’ve shown them that we are in charge! We need #ElectoralReform for this issue to truly be cured !!! It’s a grassroot problem!!!

We need Electronic Voting signed into Law!! End all the Election Violence, Rigging & Vote Buying they use to take power!! Let there be Real Democracy!! Then just Watch how our leaders will start to bend over backwards in our interest knowing we hold the key!! #ElectoralReform

Secondly we need RULE OF LAW!! Let all of them! Every single one of them!! Let them know the law is above every single one of them!! It’s the only way to protect each and every one of us!!

All actions of each and every single Govt official or member of police ! Every senator governor everybody! Let them be afraid of the law! No one is above it! Some of our laws even provide ways we can remove these officials but they are still not afraid!

We need to #ENDBADGOVERNANCE and the only way we can do it! The matter pass just sars or police and this is the only way to make sure we are not in this position again!! We need #ElectoralReform and #RuleofLaw!!

All actions of officials and law enforcement agencies must be STRICTLY ACCORDING TO THE LAW!! It’s the only way to turn Nigeria into a civilized society and not a jungle !! All these audio laws and audio acts. They should follow them!! #RuleofLaw.

As we have started there is no going back! Let them bring Electronic voting !! The one that can’t be rigged. Then they will know our power as youth!! Sign it into law !!! #ElectoralReform"

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