Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu has increased the limit for public gatherings from 20 to 50, while religious houses can be opened at 50% capacity on Fridays only and Sundays only for Muslims and Christians respectively.

Sanwo-Olu, however, place the following restrictions:

-ONLY REGULAR Religious Services allowed (FRIDAY and SUNDAYS) 


- 65 years and above STRONGLY ADVISED to Stay at home 

- Safety Precautions MUST be put in place 

- Covid Rescue Emergency Numbers must be boldly displayed 

- Monitoring and Enforcement will be done.

Restaurants will now be permitted to open for in-dining services from the 14th August, 2020 at 50% occupancy capacity.

Restaurant owners are also urged by Sanwo-Olu  to register on the website of the Lagos State Safety Commission.

Social clubs  and recreation centres will be allowed to open from the 14th August, 2020 for their members after being re-certified to open by the Lagos State Safety Commission.

He further emphasised that night clubs, cinemas, club arcades are to remain closed for now, as they are still under observation by the State Governernt.

He made it clear that enforcement continues by the agencies.

Sanwo-olu also said that schools will be open on Monday, 3rd August 2020 for SS 3 students and TEC 3 students only (Day and Boarding activities). All Safety precautions must be put in place, and Lagos State will be monitoring and enforcing the safety guidelines.

For Civil servants, status quo remains for the State Unified Public Service as directed in the circular by the Head of Service.

The status quo remains for the markets, their 3pm closing time may be extended in coming days.