Man's blocked bowel explodes after consuming bowl of food

A Chinese man with a long-term intestinal illness has nearly died after his blocked bowel burst following a hearty dinner.

The 63-year-old patient, known as Mr Wang, said he heard a bang coming from inside his body before realising something 'had exploded'.

He told local reporters that he felt sharp abdominal pain and uncontrollable sweats afterwards. He was rushed to hospital by his family members.

The incident took place recently in the city of Huai'an in eastern China's Jiangsu province, reported Jiangsu Radio and Television Station.

Mr Wang had allegedly suffered from bowel obstruction for more than a year prior to the event.

He said he had eaten a big bowl of wontons - a type of soup dumplings popular in eastern China - at around 6pm that day before hearing the unexpected sound.

During a medical checkup, doctors from the Huai'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital discovered that the man's abdominal cavity had been filled with faeces.

Sun Jian, a supervising doctor, told reporters that medics had to suck out nearly 3,000 millilitres of waste and liquid from Mr Wang. Afterwards, they cleaned his abdominal cavity with 23,000 millilitres of water.

Medics found a 1.2-inch-wide hole in the middle of Mr Wang's transverse colon, added Dr Sun. 

Mr Wang's condition has stabilised following the emergency operation, according to the report.

Daily Mail