Bar Owners in Texas sue State after being forced to close down again over Coronavirus

The Governor of US state, Texas, Greg Abbott has hit the “pause” button on the reopening of the economy, Texas keeps setting records for the number of positive coronavirus tests.
However, he went after one industry for the spike in cases, bars. 

 Abbot last week regretted gradual reopening of bars, as the coronavirus spread in the bar setting.

Subsequently, Abbott gave bar owners just three hours to shut everything down. That didn’t sit well with some bar owners. On Monday, more than 30 filed a lawsuit challenging Abbott’s emergency order, saying they’re being unfairly singled out. 

Meanwhile, one of the bar owners suing the state is Heather Vaughan. She owns the Crossroad Saloon in Big Spring where she employs about 15 people.

 “We’ve got people that are single moms that take care of everything and the first shut down was just absolutely horrible for them,” she said.

“We’re trying to follow the rules as much as we can, you know? We just want to make a living and we are shut down,” she said.

Mostly shut down, but Vaughan is still trying to make a little money. Today, she’s opening the doors and “giving away” hamburgers. If patrons want to leave some cash, that’s their call.

“Donation-only because we can’t sell it,” she said. 
She’s desperate because the first closure in March nearly did her business in.