Man claims he has COVID-19 to dump work, charged with wire fraud

An Atlanta man allegedly used the coronavirus pandemic to get out of work. It was revealed he lied about testing positive for COVID-19 and sent in a fake medical excuse letter.

Prosecutors say Santwon Antonio Davis left work back in March, when he said his mother was exposed to COVID-19, and then falsely claimed he tested positive for the deadly virus.

His scheme allegedly didn't end there, the feds say Davis even submitted a falsified letter to his Fortune 500 company, which ended up raising alarms.

Davis' medical excuse letter looked like a fake to the feds, as there were no test results included in the document and it didn't specifically say he had been treated for, or even diagnosed with, COVID-19, so they investigated and say they discovered he was making it all up.

Prosecutors say Davis eventually admitted he never contracted the virus, and the feds say there is no record of him ever receiving treatment for COVID-19. He was charged with wire fraud.

The alleged ploy was pretty costly, the feds say it cost the company at least $100,000 to sanitize the entire workplace and quarantine other employees.