Filmmaker denies Slay Queen job for wearing fake butt to interview

Nollywood filmmaker, Ugezu J. Ugezu has narrated how a his friend and brother denied a slay queen a job in his office, simply for portraying a fake life.

He said Parish Africa, who is also a filmmaker denied a girl job as a receptionist, with N50,000 salary, for coming to interview with N590,000 phone, a waiting Uber, and to crown it all, wearing a fake ass.

Ugezu, who narrated the incident on Instagram disclosed that immediately the girl left, Parish called his friend who recommended the girl for him, and told him, he has realised he is one of those who wants his company to crumble.

"This is my brother and my friend..... @parishafrica ...... This happened for real and I just want our babes to get rid of fake life and be real.

Fake life will never open real doors for anyone. It may open some doors, and those doors will close so soon because fake life is easy to unmask.

Parish Africa is protecting his company and nobody can hold anything against him." Ugezu wrote.