Photos: Man narrates how SARS Officers almost killed him over suspicion of videoing them

A young man, Richard took to his Twitter account, @meettherichard, to narrate how officers of SARS almost beat him to death, over suspicion  of filming them.

He disclosed that he was severely beaten to the point that he felt his life has come to an end.

He wrote:

"I encountered sars around 11:30am on my way to pick up a delivery from Jumia at a bus stop.

After transferring to the delivery guy, I took my item and was about leaving when two men ran after me, slapped me and dragged me back to the bus stop.

I asked what my offense was, they didn’t answer, rather they kept on beating me. We got to the bus stop, one stupid fool with a gun collected my phone, told me I was videoing them. Then asked me to unlock my phone. I did, he searched my photos, the only thing he found were my pictures and a lot of guitar materials. He then told me I had deleted the video and that he was gonna kill me today and nothing would happen. I pleaded with him, but the more I pleaded the more beatings I received.

After much beatings, he said he was gonna leave me but he was gonna delete everything in my gallery. Omo ase think say Na Android. He deleted everything, but didn’t visit “recently deleted” to finish work. I sha don recover all my stuffs.

Those ones are not there help curb the spread of the virus, rather they see it as a means to make money. Seriously I thought today was my last day 😩 and right now I feel feverish cuz of the beatings #EndSARS."