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Jimi Agbaje condemns pausing of Social Distancing by some Governors over Easter & Jumat

Lagos State Governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje has condemned the decision of some Governors to put social distancing directive on hold, for Easter celebration and Jumat prayers.

Agbaje said such decision at the time when Coronavirus has started spreading locally, will counter productive.

He pleaded that Governors, who have paused the lockdown order reverse the decision and reinforce the stay at home.

"The decision by some state governors to pause social distancing advisory for Easter and Jumat will be counter productive and could reverse the gains achieved thus far in stemming the tide of the pandemic.

Why pause at this time, when cases are on the increase with more states being affected?

We are in the stage of community infection which is the most dangerous stage.

Coronavirus will not go on break or avoid mosques and churches.
I plead that they reverse the decision & reinforce the stay at home!

With our weak health system, SOCIAL DISTANCING is our strongest weapon to survive  the pandemic." He wrote on Twitter.

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