WWE's Roman Reigns pulls out of Wrestlemania over Coronavirus fears

WWE superstar Roman Reigns has pulled out of Wrestlemania 36, over serious health concerns connected to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The 34-year-old was supposed to wrestle Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship during the April 4 and 5th event, but due to his recent cancer battle, he ultimately decided it was too risky, according to ProWrestlingSheet.

Reigns told WWE he is immunocompromised from the cancer fight, and did not feel comfortable performing with the looming threat of COVID-19.

Reigns, real name Leati "Joe" Anoaʻi was first diagnosed with leukemia back in 2007 and beat it, but it reared its ugly head again in 2018.

Reigns returned to WWE in early 2019.

As for the title match with Goldberg, PreWrestlingSheet says Reigns will be replaced by another superstar,  but it's unclear who will get the call right now.