T.I gets Doctor's advice for taking his Daughter to Hospital annualy for Virginity check

Dr. Oz has some breaking news for T.I, while most are blasting his method of checking his daughter's virginity as abusive, the good doc says it's also ineffective, and there's a much better way.

TMZ got Oz Thursday outside NBC's 30 Rock studios, where he gave a medical take on T.I. saying he's been taking his now 18-year-old daughter, Dejah, to the gynecologist for years, to make sure her hymen is intact.

He explained exactly why, anatomically-speaking, T.I. would be highly disappointed to know the hymen doesn't guarantee what he thinks it does.

Oz suggests a different approach that would get the rapper far more accurate information about his daughter -- and it's got nothing to do with an OB/GYN.

The doctor said one can be intimate without having actual sex, and that the hymen  is intact doesn’t mean one has not been intimate. He said medically there are other physical examination to arrive at more accurate result.

Meanwhile, the backlash against T.I. has been so overwhelming. Nazanin and Nadia, the hosts of the 'Ladies Like Us' podcast where he made the remarks, made the decision to delete the episode.