Marvel sued for allegedly stealing X-Men's Theme Song from Hungarian TV Show

A TV show in Hungary is claiming that Marvel and co. are guilty of stealing the theme song to their hit cartoon, X-Men from their TV Show.

A man identified as, Zoltan Krisko is suing every media giant you can imagine, Marvel, Disney, FOX, Apple, Amazon and more, claiming the TV executives behind the animated series from the '90s stole  the intro music from a show called, "Linda."

Anyway, Krisko says he manages the estate of a Hungarian composer named Gyorgy Vukan, who created and copyrighted the "Linda" theme song in 1983. Krisko says it sounds exactly like the tune the "X-Men" cartoon used years later.

As for how the composer would have been exposed to the "Linda" theme, in the suit, Krisko claims the "X-Men" maestro and TV executives rubbed elbows with Hungarian film professionals in the '80s. He suggests they definitely would have known about "Linda" because it was such a massive hit at the time.

Krisko says he didn't learn of the "X-Men" series and its theme until 2017, little behind the times but he alleges in the documents, all the success the franchise achieved for Marvel and many other companies is a result of that iconic and, as he claims, stolen theme song.

He’s saying it's time to pay up in a major way, meaning he wants Vukan's estate to get a big chunk of the profits "X-Men" has made since the '90s.