Munachimso finds sweet in Emmanuela's heart – By Ingram Osigwe

When two love birds of the love song meet, they cling together and intrewine.They dissolve into each other's body and become one.They then sing from the heart, dishing out soulful renditions that spell love, union and respect for each other.

Munachimso and Emmanuela are two lovebirds.And come Saturday, September 21,2019,in the presence of God and man, they will sing and sign.They will sing matrimonial vows into each other's ears.And then seal it with signing the dotted lines.

It will be the consummation of the love they share and the celebration of the same.They will be joined in a holy matrimony and thus metmorsphe into man and wife.

Yes, on the date above, all roads lead to Catholic Church of Divine Mercy, Admiralty way,Lekki Phase 1 and Lekki Special Event Centre,Admiralty way, Lekki all in Lagos as Munachimso Ikechukwu Kevin Orizu takes home his delectable bride, Emmanuela Onyinyechukwu Onyilofor.It is going to be royal.It is going to be epochal.It will going to be a unification of two hearts and two families.

Both families say they give glory to God for making it possible for their children to find love and happiness in each other.

The Orizu and Onyilofor families are of  Nimo and Nibo towns, Anambra  respectively.

Handsome, genial and unassuming, Munachimso is the son of Chief and Mrs A.J.C Orizu( Kaliaozo Gbulugbulu Nimo) while delectable Emmanuela is the daughter Mr and Mrs Emmanuel C Onyilofor.

Well educated, the soon to be couple are professionals and complement each other.While Munachimso is an Engineer, Emmanuela is a lawyer. Munachimso graduated from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom as an Electrical/Electronics Engineer.He is currently residing and working in Geneva ,Switzerland .

 Emmanuela, on the other hand holds LL.B, BL in Lawyer, and also has Masters Degree in International Affairs. Like Munachimso, she also resides and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

Friends, associates and family members say Munachimso and Emmanuela are perfect match for each other.They describe their union as having been made in heaven and wish them bliss and blessings in their marriage.