Ashura Day: Shiite alleges Police have killed 15 of its members

The Shi'ite Islam Movement has claimed 15 members of its police force were traveling in Ashura on Tuesday.

The spokesman, who was banned by the government, Ibrahim Musa told the BBC that six people were killed in Bauchi and three in Kaduna.

Two others were killed in Sokoto, three in Gombe and one in Katsina state.

The police in Kaduna state, however, denied the claims, but spokesperson Jacob Sabo said they had dispersed banned tourists.

But the trip was completed safely in Kano, Plateau and Abuja states, Ibrahim Musa said.

He added that the death toll could rise.

Earlier, the army said that not all Muslims in Nigeria have been banned by the IMN.

"Following further inquiries into the ban of the IMN, it is important to know that the ban on traveling only applies to members of the IMN.

"So other Muslim communities interested in traveling to Ashura across Nigeria can follow in the footsteps of other Muslims in the world to do so."