Seyilaw & Movie Director narrate hilarious first experience with Towels in 5 star Hotels

Top comedian Seyilaw and popular film director, Director Diji have their experience with numerous towels found in 5 star hotels.

The movie director first took to Twitter to relate his experience with towels, which he found in a 5 star hotel, and as a first timer, he did not understand how to use all the towel dropped on the floor.

"I remember when I traveled with someone & we had to stay in an hotel ( 5 star, very beautiful) - I entered the bathroom & saw more than 4/5 towels ( one was on the floor ). As a local guy, I thought it fell down, I picked it and dropped it somewhere else.

It was when I went to my friend’s room & saw what he used the towel on the floor for I knew I had F up. I smiled, rushed back to my room and the way I used the towel on the floor ehn? I’m sure they didn’t wash it cus? Mo mop gbogbo room floor with it.

This weekend, I entered one and I laughed again when I saw almost 4 towels and one on the floor," he wrote.

Seyilaw replied his tweet and narrated his own first experience, saying he cleaned his body with the towel meant for the floor.

"You are lucky on your own. My own, I saw the one they hang on the bath tub, I had used it to dry my body b4 I knew it was for the floor. I took my L jeje and learnt for the future," the Fast n Furious comedian wrote.