Alex Rodriguez loses Electronics, Jewelry worth $500K to robbers

Alex Rodriguez reportedly had half a million worth of electronics and jewelry stolen from his rental car, while he was in San Francisco broadcasting a Giants-Phillies game.

Law enforcement revealed to TMZ that the MLB legend, who was in town for his ESPN gig as a baseball color commentator had his rented SUV broken into just a few blocks from Oracle Park on Sunday.

The burglary happened around 10 PM, and the thieves made off with $500,000 worth of electronics and jewelry.

Rodriguez had been at the stadium nearly the entire day , he and his ESPN crew called the Giants' 9-6 win over Philadelphia on "Sunday Night Baseball."

Law enforcement say they have made the case a high priority, with investigators working overnight to collect evidence.

A-Rod just broke his silence too  saying, “I am saddened that several items that were of a personal nature and irreplaceable with sentimental value were taken. I am encouraged that local law enforcement has security footage of the crime and are doing all they can to get the items back."