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I can't imagine life without these two - Alexis Ohania explains ordeal before they had Olympia

Alexis Ohania, Serena Williams’ husband has revealed it wasn’t easy for them before and after having their daughter, Olympia. The Reddit co-founder shared a photo from Williams’ Vogue photo shoot on Instagram Thursday with their 4-month-old daughter and disclosed in the caption that he almost lost both mother and daughter.

Williams revealed to Vogue that her plummeting heart rate reached dangerously low levels during contractions, leading to an emergency cesarean section.

"This one is going on the desk at work. I can't imagine life without these two. This ordeal, as well as the weeks and months after, has made me an even bigger advocate for paid parental leave (not just for my employees--men & women alike--but for all). We're blessed in a lot of ways and I couldn't imagine a new parent going through all of that without all the support, financial security, and flexibility we had," he wrote.

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