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BBNaija Wanna-be Housemate almost commits suicide after disqualification

A young man, Chydo Lawrence has revealed how he almost committed suicide after he was disqualified for the season 3 of Reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, which will kick-off on January 28. He said he got the final 12 and was called for final screening, but got disqualified as soon as he arrived at the venue.  He took to Facebook to address the issue. Below is what he wrote;

“Good evening everyone. I’m heartbroken and I can’t keep it to myself, I felt like committing suicide, I was like how do I face social media but all thanks to Richard Gabriel Sorbari Juanita Itz Lisa Bella Beautyluv Akawu Oluwa D Shocker DeliverBrand Justine Chibuike for talking sense into my head.”

“Please I don’t want to hear sorry or pity, if only tears could turn back the hands of time then mine could have done it, but I’ve gotten over it and I’m strong. but I just had to write this down because I needed to explain things to all of you that got my back.”

“We were called for the final BBN screening which I was present, after much delay ,they were doing 6 persons per set and my set was 5 boys with a girl, we were later called in to the auditorium, we entered inside and thought maybe they wanted to ask questions or do health status check. But then a young man came out and told us that we don’t really have what Big brother want this year.”

“It was like a dream to me or maybe he was trying to tease us but at some point I became fearless enough to ask “what does Big brother really want” because I don’t understand what he meant by that statement. And the man said that we should pray to be amongst the fake housemates instead of asking questions, I was like “the real housemates get two head? Why must I be on the fake side, but the next response was from the security who led us to the exit. Seriously I fell down and almost cried, I thought about those who have intended supporting me, I thought about how the internet will react, I thought about criticism, all was crossing my mind was just to kill myself and end it all, but at some point I remember that I’m the 1st son and since I lost my dad I’ve been playing the dad role to my siblings and I’ve been playing the husband role to my mom, how will my junior ones survive In my absence, how will my mom cope, will she survive the shock? If not for me by her side when my dad kicked the bucket, she couldn’t have survived it, so if she mistakenly receive the news of my death I’m sure she will slump, at the same time I remember that failure is not the end, failure is just a bend to another straight road I remembered that I’ve got a future which is not determined by BBN I became courageous enough to accept my fate. No regrets because this is Nigeria. I wonder where our replacements will come from, did they audition at all? Or people who bribed their way in? God knows! It’s beyond my comprehension.”

“What a sad way to begin the year, I wanna thank y’all for your intended support. The only losers are those who don’t try. First attempt and I got to this stage, it will always get better. Thanks and God bless y’all. Every disappointment is either a lesson or a blessing. I believe it will end in praise. I love y’all .

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