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Photos: Abia Rice Berths in Umuahia

The Abia Rice campaign, another policy of the Ikpeazu government, to create job for our people and put food on our tables has been completed. Facts about Abia Rice as outlined in a statement…

1. Abia State Government does not own a rice farm. Just like we don't own tailoring or shoe making factories for Made In Aba fashion.

We operate the anchor model of agricultural production which aims to empower real farmers to grow more food, provide processing support and source for commercial off takers for the increased production.

2. Governor Ikpeazu's administration built two rice mills located at Atani Arochukwu and Ofeme Umuahia to help rice farmers process their products. In addition to that, the government provided farmers with motorized millers, motorized reapers, harvesters etc.

3. Governor Ikpeazu paid hundreds of millions of naira as counterpart fund for FADAMA III initiative of the world bank and the program is giving grants to rice farmers in the state. Note carefully that they are receiving GRANTS.

4. Governor Ikpeazu is aware of the increase in output of our rice farmers and is actively sourcing for private business men that will establish bigger rice mills to support our farmers. We expect the bigger and more modern commercial mills to deliver impeccable grains that can compete with Rice from Thailand.

5. Every rice bagged as "Abia Rice" is produced in Abia State at our rice fields located within our state. We are not interested in re-bagging rice from other states for any reason at all. If you want to buy Abia Rice this Xmas please feel free to call Mr Friday Chinyere at the state Ministry of Agriculture via 08027714383.

Those circulating pictures of re-bagged rice are merely engaged in mischief making of the kind that should be expected from those committed to drag our state down on behalf of vested political interests.

6. The Ikpeazu administration partnered with the World Bank (FADAMA III) to reactivate the Ozuitem-Igbere sector of the moribund Igu Dam to ensure all year rice production in the state. This dam was moribund for more than 25 years.

Of course the Government is also pursuing other areas of agricultural production including the 7m tenera palm seedling planting project as well as Increased Cocoa and Cassava output. We are also in the poultry and fish production enhancement business. A modern pen that can hatch 150,000 birds was built by the Ikpeazu administration and 2 others are currently under construction.

7. The real evidence of increased production of Abia rice can be found at our rice fields and anyone who is interested should feel free to visit any of them and report on the improved output.

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