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Actor, Jnr Pope Odonwodo recalls past loving message he wrote his wife

Nollywood actor, Jnr Pope Odonwodo has in a throwback message recalled the promises he made to his wife years ago, and emphasized he will still live up to them. 

"#TBT.... This Throwback Message is Just Dope.....I still pledge to live up to it..........
- I will Stay with you, pray with you, grow old and gray with you. In good and bad times, we'll always make it through,Cause what we got is true, no matter what they say to you,

I can't impress you with the cars and the wealth,Cause any woman with will and drive can get it herself.

I'd rather show you it's heartfelt, make your heart melt;And prove to you you're more important than anything else.

Worthwhile, special like my first child. When I see your face it's always like the first time Our eyes met, I knew we'd be together in a tri-jet........

I wanna give you things that I didn't buy yet. Hold you, mold you, don't know, let me show you. Ain't no tellin' what we could grow to. Let it be known, I told you. And I am going to be there for whatever you go through, my love is true," he said. 

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