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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Video: 4-yr-old Boy drives SUV along heavy traffic highway

Frightening video of a four-year-old boy driving at up to 60mph on a busy highway has emerged online. The video was posted by a Moscow-based father called Islam, who is believed to originally be from Dagestan.

The video shows the child swerving across fast-flowing traffic in the Mercedes-Benz SUV in Moscow. At one point he speeds past a truck and a tanker lorry before trying to overtake when the fast lane is not clear.

The child sits on the knee of a glamorous woman called Ariana, apparently his aunt. At some points she grabs the steering wheel with one hand, at others the young child drives unaided on the crowded ring road.

The father, 27, is filming the law-breaking scene from the rear seat of the Gelandewagen.

He boasts: 'Look, bro, driving a Gelendwagen.'

Faced with criticism of the dangerous stunt by the Moscow media, the aunt responded that such antics on busy roads were perfectly normal.

'I do not see anything bad. Everyone did this on their parent's laps in their childhood.'

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