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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Man bites ear, nose, fingertips of lover during romantic dinner

 A 45-year-old Russian, Anatoliy Ezhkov, horrifically disfigured a 41-year-old nurse, who honoured his invite for a romantic meal together. The nurse, Irina Gonchar, suffered injuries from the bite on her ear, nose and fingertips on her first date with Ezhkov.

Ezhkov allegedly beat Gonchar, tied her up and sunk his teeth in parts of her flesh after plying her with alcohol. The horrific event lasted for about four hours.

On hearing her screams, neighbours called the police, which eventually led to her rescue and taken to the hospital with multiple damages from a concussion, rib fracture and severe wounds.

The 45-year-old is thought to have been high on drugs when he made the sickening attack.

According to a report from one of Gonchar’s relatives, “This torture lasted for four hours, this man tore at her body with his teeth, she is positive he tried to kill her. He tried to smother her, but her neck was covered by blood and his hands got slippy.  Neighbours heard screams but they are used to these things as there are lots of alcoholics living in the hostel.”

Ezhkov was released after being questioned by police, which has gotten neighbours talking.

Ludmila Zalomskaya one of his neighbours said: “I am shocked with this story and even more shocked he was released.”

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