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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Jilted Lover attacks,assaults ex girlfriend & attempts to kill her friend

A jilted lover has attacked his ex-girlfriend, stabbing her in the leg and sexually assaulting her after slitting her female friend's throat, according to police.

Ruslan Baimov, 40, was arraigned on attempted murder and rape charges on Tuesday in Brooklyn, in connection with a horror five-hour attack on two women in a Coney Island apartment.

The attack, described by police sources reported by the New York Daily News, unfolded as the ex-girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter remained locked in a bedroom of the apartment.

Police say that Baimov, upset after being dumped by his girlfriend, broke into her apartment in the Sea Gate community late Saturday, close to midnight.

After pushing in an air-conditioner and shimmying through a window, the knife-wielding Baimov found her 42-year-old female friend relaxing while the ex took a shower, police said.

Alarmed by the sound of her screaming friend, the ex ran out of the bathroom and found Baimov attacking the woman as she tried to call 911, the ex told the Daily News.

'Then he took her phone, smashed it, grabbed her neck and said 'Bitch!' and then took the knife and stabbed her in the neck,' she said.

With her friend critically wounded, the ex ran down the hallway and told her 11-year-old daughter to lock herself in the bedroom.

For hours, with the friend lying on the floor bleeding, Baimov perversely alternated between threatening the ex and proclaiming his love for her, she said. 

'After kissing me, he said, 'Oh, son of a b***h, I'll kill you. I love you. No, I'll kill you,' the ex- girlfriend said.

'I said, 'Please, I have a child ... You already have one woman dying. Now you will have two, maybe three.' 

Baimov ripped at her clothes and tried to rape her several times, before ultimately dragging her into the bathroom and forcing her to perform oral sex, she alleged.

Suddenly he broke into a rage again and sliced her in the right shin, before breaking down and trying to kiss the wound in apology, she said.

Finally the horror saga ended when the ex-girlfriend convinced him to go home and sleep at around 4.50am on Sunday, when she managed to call police.

Baimov was arrested in his nearby apartment in a SWAT raid a few hours later, around 6.30am. 

Prosecutors said the girlfriend's pal is 'brain dead' and 'likely to die in a few days'.

Detectives with the NYPD Special Victims Unit were called in after the ex told detectives on Sunday that she was so traumatized, she initially did not remember a sexual assault during the ordeal. 

Baimov has been charged with 12 felony counts, including first degree rape, burglary, assault, attempted murder. He has been ordered held without bail.

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