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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Former BBA housemate, Elikem Kumordzie turns 30

First Ghana finalist at Big Brother Africa (BBA), Elikem Kumordzie is a year older today. the award winning fashion designer, actor took to social media celebrate his new age.

"I almost forgot it was my birthday today. its another year already.  Another year has gone by soo fast. Soo many mistakes made and soo much learned,  Met a few good people and discarded alot of non profitable ones. I am growing, day in and day out and its amazing the things you learn with age and time. 

At my Age and Stage, I am very happy to have achieved all I have so far, Wife, 2 Boys, My Career and all that came with it. All that has happened has also happened for one reason or the other.  And theres no regret what so ever.  We live and we Learn. one step at time. 

And I can only appreciate all that God has given me, so i am Grateful to My father in heaven for all.

In the same sense, time is running out and I can do more, maybe I could have done more, but thats exaclty what it is, "if you do not overcome the obstacles of life, you are not going to be able to move foward". So I challenge myself.

Being 20 is entirely different from being 30. So lets be 30 and lets make the best of the years to come.  I pray for Glory, Grace, wisdom, strength and Favour upon my life In Jesus Name.  And let all say..... AMEN." He wrote.

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