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Monday, 27 November 2017

Ezinne Priscilla Uzoejinwa Eze Goes Home in a Blaze of Glory

The departure of a kind, gentle and loving mother rends the heart and sends tears cascading the cheeks of grieving loved ones left behind. These have been the lot of Chief (Honorable) Chukwudi Mayor Eze, relatives, friends and well wishers following the demise of EzinnePriscilla Uzoejinwa Eze (nee Okeke) whose sad event occurred on 24thOctober 2017 aged.

Hon.Chukwudi Mayor Eze, a former Chairman of Orlu Local government area, Imo, state and former member of House of Representatives Representing Orlu, Orsu and Oru East Federal Constituency is the chief mourner. Hon. Eze is Mama’s only child.

Hon.Eze’s friends and well-wishers mourning with him agree the pain of bereavement touches the marrow and  more emotionally excruciating when the loss is a beloved mother. Theymaintained that they share in the deep emotional trauma he is going through on the account of his mother’s departure,more so as an only child and want him to take solace in the fact that Mama is resting joyfully in her creator’s bosom, very proud of her only child and happy that she lived to witness his enviable milestones 10 children combined in some families have failed to achieve or cannot achieve.

In a moving tribute, Ingram  Osigwe, CEO/MD of Full Page Communications Ltd  and Hon.Eze’s  former School mate said  Eze has done well for him and people of Orlu  who he had diligently and creditably  served in vital political positions and eulogized the lateEzinnePriscilla  UzoejinwaEze saying “Ezinne, the womb that bore a great achiever, the womb that produced  a man of the people, the Amazon that that nurtured a man with the heart of gold, Ezinne, the proud mother of Mayor, fare thee well. Mayor love you, we love you, but God loves you more. Continue to rest joyfully in His soothing bosom”

On his part, Chairman of Orange Drugs Group, Chief (Sir) Tony Ezenna describedEzinnePriscilia as a proud mother of an achiever who attained lofty heights at a young age.He said he has no doubt that mama died happy and proud of her son’s enviable achievements.

A community leader, philanthropist and devout Catholic who, as a result of her salutary Christianlife, was honoured with the revered and rare title of Ezinne (Good Mother) by St. Jude’s Catholic Church, Okporo in Orlu LGA, Ezinne will be laid to rest on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at Mayor Eze’s compound,Aboachara, Ezi Okporo Orlu after a requiem Mass at St. Jude’s Catholic Church Okporo at 10.am.

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