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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Every Man & Woman deserves to be Happy in a Relationship –Lydia Forson

Actress, Lydia Forson has expressed sadness over one sided relationships between men and women in Africa. The onetime AMAA best actress is not happy how men are favored above women, and questions why women swallow the negative side of every relationship. she took to social media to bare her mind on the demarcation existing between the lives of men and women in Africa. 

"A man can have a standard for the women he wants to marry, but a woman should "settle" for whoever and shouldn't be as picky because her options can be limited. ---- Issa Thread.

"Men are allowed to take their time to select their idea of a "wife material".Beautiful, can cook and clean,hopefully a virgin(if not,just slightly used); she shouldn't have any children, must fear God and most importantly must be publicly perceived as "decent".

"A woman on the other hand shouldn't care about how many women a man has been with, how many children he has, his past, how much money he has NOW, his looks and the list of things men are allowed to consider before picking a husband.

"Women are supposed to "settle" while men are allowed to take their sweet time, have a kid out of wedlock ( because he wants to), play the field with as many women as he wants, when finally he FEELS like it; go through his catalog and pick one to be his wife.

"You know how you're rushing to cook and end up putting sugar instead of salt in your meal?That's how it is for a lot of women who're pressured into marriage.Sadly you'll still be blamed for not taking time to read the label,it's your FAULT for not making the right choice.

"Every man & woman deserves to be happy in a relationship, if that's what they want. Just allow them to find that happiness on their own terms and time. Stop ruining people's happily ever afters with standards even you can't live up to. The END." She wrote.

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