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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Actor Van Vicker celebrates son with touching words

Ghanaian, Nollywood actor, Van Vicker has written touching words to celebrate his son, Joseph Fifi Van Vicker as he turns a year older today.

"Every year on this day my sentimentalities are awakened. I wish I was old enough to recollect my dad call me 'My Son'. Since 2003 Luther Vandross's tune 'Dance With My Father' makes me cry every time and yet a song I so love. I hanker for the feel of those lyrics... JOSEPH FIFII VAN VICKER II, today is your birthday.

You turn 9 years today my son. The relationship I have with you is nostalgic. The past, present & the future lives with you and I. I bethink of what I was, wanted and hoped for, you are a constant reminder of how I saw my future; the future that you are a part of I am a proud daddy.

I cannot help but tear up as I write this piece and need to letup. Mr V. (Swag) just know that whoever touches you, touches me, my ire or orison shall be directed towards him/her. I want you to be all I wasn't ...and better than all I am. You mom and sisters say happy bday VJ. Grow up, live long and conquer the World, MY SON. I love you." He said. 

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