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Saturday, 4 November 2017

11-yr-old girl commits suicide after being bullied at school

An 11-year-old girl, Toni Rivers has killed herself with a rifle after she was bullied at school. The girl, who hails from Hampton County told five of her friends that she 'couldn't take it anymore', and informed them she was going to kill herself. 

Family members said the sixth grader committed suicide Wednesday after being bullied at her Hampton County School District 1 elementary school.

Toni's 14-year-old sister called 911. Deputies found Toni lying on her back with a gunshot wound from a small caliber rifle.

She managed to survive for a further 72 hours before succumbing to her injuries.

Initially family members thought  the shooting was an accident because the rifle that was used in the shooting belonged to Toni, although the bullets were supposedly kept separately from the guns. 

Toni's mother, Amy Thomas, claimed that her daughter's school was told about the bullying two months ago and had even called the school four times in the days before the shooting.

Toni's family have said they want bullies to be held accountable and punished for their actions.

Source: Daily Mail

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