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Thursday, 26 October 2017

"I Regret Bleaching My Skin At The Age Of 19!!" Says Popular Bleaching Cream Expert

A nigerian Self acclaimed Makeup artist has narrated how she bleached her skin to look more beautiful, but returned to black after realizing her mistakes, see below! Continue from the Screenshot: 

''As my 25th birthday started approaching I started to do a lot of Soul searching, a lot of self evaluation... concerning every area of my life and I finally started to see the light... to see how crazy I had been all these years... how crazy it was for me to have believed that my black skin wasn't beautiful, to have allowed myself to feel inadequate or to try and tell God ' how you created me isn't good enough' what a silly, crazy way to have lived. Today I'm more than grateful that I finally saw the light. Black is beautiful! So beautiful! Never have I ever felt as beautiful and as at peace with my skin tone as I do now... Please Love your skin/Yourself the way God has made you.... you are beautiful, you are enough. Time will always tell... imagine how I would look 10-15 years from now if I had continued to bleach my skin. Please don't do it... I did it and I Had/ have so much Regret... it's not worth it. You are beautiful just as you are. I get a lot of messages asking me, how I was able to transition my skin back... I will be sharing all the tips soon enough. Thank you to everyone who helped me get through this...... the Amount of support I have received is enormous... Thank you.

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