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Friday, 20 October 2017

Man carries his Mother on his back to hospital for 7 years

A farmer from China, Wang Kewu has melted the hearts of thousands after taking his sick mother to hospital for treatment on his back for seven years.

He attaches his mother to his body using a rope and quilt, which his mother would have used to carry him as a baby. After that, he walks three miles with his mother on his back to a clinic.

'She looked after me when I was little, now it's my duty to look after her,' said the 54-year-old man, who lives in the rural Wenzhou County, Yunnan Province.  

Mr Wang is the sole carer for his 89-year-old mother, who suffers from high blood pressure and chronic stomach inflammation, according to a report on, the local news site.

The son needs to take her to the clinic at least once a month. The report said Mr Wang has three siblings, but they divided the family's assets more than 20 years ago. 

Mr Wang and his siblings were said to agree that Mr Wang would look after their mother by himself. 

Before 2010, doctors from one of the two local clinics were able to visit Mr Wang's house to treat his mother. However the two clinics were combined into one seven years ago, and due to a shortage of doctors, the home visits have been cancelled.

Since then, Mr Wang has apparently taken his mother to a clinic five kilometres (3.1 miles) from his home by carrying her on his back.

Mr Wang told a reporter from Pear Video that his mother was having a fever on the day. 

He said: 'If I put her on a motorbike, she would slide down because she didn't have strength. The safest way was to secure her on my back using rope and carry her to the clinic. After the treatment, I used the same way to take her home.'
Mr Wang's mother was apparently touched by her son's devotion. 

She told Pear Video while lying on a hospital bed: 'I carried him when he was little, now he's carrying me. He's the only one I could rely on.'

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