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Monday, 30 October 2017

Lady narrates how Robbers stabbed her 9 times on traffic over her phone & handbag in Lagos

A lady has narrated on social media how robbers attacked her at Apongbon are of Lagos state, and stabbed her 9 times just because of her phone and handbag. She said they attacked her on traffic, smashed her window and started stabbing her arm, before asking her to handover her phone and handbag. According to her, they continue stabbing her After she had handed the phone and handbag to them.

"I was driving from VI to Surulere at about 8.30pm on Monday 16th October. I had just driven past Apongbon when I got into heavy traffic. I noticed two men approach the drivers side of the car in front of mine, but the driver was able to swerve away from them. I sensed something was wrong, so I tried to do the same, but was unable to cross to the other lane due to the traffic. The two men walked past my car, I then looked in my rearview mirror and saw one of them look back at my car, and then he turned around and walked back towards me.

Everything happened really fast – he approached my window, smashed the window and started stabbing my arm, saying "give me your phone, give me your bag". I was in shock, terrified and stuck in traffic. I couldn't drive anywhere. I gave him my phone, he continued stabbing my arm. I gave him my bag, and he still continued stabbing my arm. 

At some point I was able to drive off, or he ran away (I can't remember which happened first). I was disorientated, scared and was driving quite erratically, hitting other cars trying to get someone's attention. I was screaming for help as my arm was bleeding out. I kept screaming to the other drivers "Help me! I've been stabbed", they just looked, no one helped.

Eventually I rammed into a car in front of me, the man came out of his car, saw the state I was in and proceeded to help me. I can only describe him as being God sent. Out of everybody who was in that traffic only one man took it upon himself to help... I was stabbed 9 times in my arm - for a phone and handbag." She said.

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