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Daddy Freeze writes Majid Michel over his piece on Tithing

Dear @majidmichelmm, the leader of the #FreeNation greets you and brings glad tidings.

You wrote a piece on tithing that a lot of people tagged me in.

Let me address this here, and properly!

Although you raised some valid points about your tithe belonging to the poor. I will still say you were still a bit economical with the truth, with regards to giving it to a Church, especially those churches whose GOs own private jets, yet their schools are unattainable to this same poor you are talking about, with many members unemployed, facing serious financial challenges.

Acts 4:35 tells us that the disciples shared the offering equally with every believer, yet daddy GOs fly their jets alone; WHY?

Listen guys, neglecting the poor and needy, has the dire consequence of Everlasting HELLFIRE! Read from Mat25:32 Not paying tithe has no biblical consequence TO A CHRISTIAN!

Malachi 3:8-10 was addressed to the priests, NOT to us, as they were robbing God of the 10% of the tithes they were to bring to the storehouse as instructed in Nehemiah 10:38

Paying tithe to a church is NOT a ‘Christian’ practice, as Jesus never collected tithes and our first pastors, the 12 disciples didn’t collect it either.

As a matter of fact, tithe was not collected by any church for 600 years after Christ’s crucifixion, so how did tithing find its way into modern day Christianity? Some greedy thieves must have introduced it to favor themselves and their ridiculous jet set lifestyles.

Furthermore, your tithe is supposed to be eaten as directed by God in Deut 14:22-26 for the firsts 2 years! It’s the third year’s tithing that belongs to the levites, NOT PASTORS, levites so tithing is not even supposed to be a monthly practice!

Also, the church is NOT a building, as many of you are confused into believing please refer to Acts 7:48 and Acts 17:24.

YOU ARE THE CHURCH. So the notion of giving tithe to a man on the pulpit, inside a building is absolutely false!

Majeed, you are right in the sense that the poor should be given the tithe but why give it to a church if you want it to get to them…… don’t you know any poor people you can give it to directly? ~FRZ


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