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Monday, 16 October 2017

Actor Van Vicker & Wife celebrate 14th wedding anniversary

Nollywood/Ghanaian actor, producer, Van Vicker and his wife are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary today. He took to social media to share collage of their photos from 23years ago, when they met to their wedding day and his complete family now.

"With the 'Blackgirl in the 90s'. We had fun! Slim be what? Ahahah

We met in 1994 and to cut the long story short, it's been 23years of observing that face and body metamorphose, lol.

Conceptualize the type of lady in the throw back pictures. I leave that to you.
I dare not comment for I did not seek a santion on the release of the pictures. I am not troubled because knowing how adorable 'Cashbadd' is, she perhaps will just... oh she's a very angelic lady o. She won't do me 'Feeh'. Hello everybody, today is my wedding anniversary.
I am not done yet. Again, I did not seek the green light to post these pictures. Just so you know who to hold culpable in case I disappear. Lol.

In the picture, to the left, to the right side of the picture is a female model, now the 2nd lady of Ghana, ei your Excellency, we too we go way back o.
Not to digress... today is my 14th wedding anniversary. Yeah, the route had turbulences, it was muddy, rosy, revolting, honeyed, distasteful, so on and so forth. Graciously WE ARE STILL TOGETHER.

October 16th 2003, in retrospect, was one of the happiest days of my life; still is.

23/14 years ago I found my wife simpatico in every respect. Time, space, maturity etc changed that but we have been uncompromising with the number of kids we wanted, three.
Singing, 'We started off as 2 now we're 5' (my version of 'started from the bottom now we're here'. You are considered to be nexus but I am still head of the house. With that concept the kids are sometimes betwixt and between but you know where they gravitate eventually, lol.

It is an indupitable fact that you are a loving and remarkable wife. Envious by all my very few friends (y'all can not disagree o, it's my anniversary, when yours is up write whatever I will agree to it, lol). I love you and we thank God for yet another year," He wrote.

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