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Actor McCarthy Nonwani welcomes baby boy

Nollywood actor,  Mccarthy Nonwani and wife, McCarvera have welcomed their first child, a baby boy on Monday. He took to Instagram and wrote...

"My dear baby boy,your arrival means less sleep for mummy and daddy but that gives us more energy. My little king, you are born to love and be loved, hold our hands and you will never get lost, we are drowned by enthusiasm to guide you as you grow..hugs and kisses.

"To my wife McCarvera: Congratulations for making it through nine tough months, and this wonderful cute little king is the reward of your patience and labour...thank you a million my beautiful wife, may he grow up to be a great man and may your joy know no bounds, i don't know how to thank you enough, you went above and beyond, well done my world.

"To my golden boy: Here is the prayer we recited every midnight till your birth "Creator God, as we expect a new baby in our family, we turn to you in prayer,assist the doctors, nurses and all who will help in bringing this new life into your world,may the baby arrive safely and soundly. Give us all health of mind and body,and may your peace and love be the guide of our family life amen!!!! Our gratitude goes to God. THANK YOU JESUS THANK YOU MY LORD!!!!"

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