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Why I still post my daughter’s photos on social media – Seyi Law

Comedian, Seyi Law has revealed the reason he still posts his daughter’s photos and motivational epistles on his Instagram page. According to him, his posts are changing lives and people testifying to it.

"This is just to encourage somebody. Don't allow people's opinions be a barrier to the good in heart. Some people wonder why I still post my daughter's pictures and write my long epistles of motivation, here are two testimonies amongst many. No disrespect to the people that's why I burred their pictures.

"One of them like many testified of her pregnancy after reading my testimony of Tiwa and we prayed and I told her what God instructed me and the other read my post on "If we were to buy children like cars" and decided not to abort a pregnancy.

"The little urge to speak or write right that you feel might just be what someone is waiting for. Some have brought gifts for Tiwa and we prayed and testimonies abound, it is nothing but God Almighty working with their faith. All those that have testified, God Almighty will protect, preserve and perfect your testimonies and those believing, God will answer speedily in Jesus' name. Amen. God bless you all. Start your Monday highly motivated." He wrote.

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