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Friday, 29 September 2017

The Nigerian God -- By Daddy Freeze

When first introduced to #Marxism in the mid 90s as a sociology student, I had my doubts about his theory, which stipulates that man created God, because my Christian faith told me otherwise.

Nonetheless, I was made to study Karl Marx and his theories, in order to pass my examinations and now I’m beginning to see logic, in Karl Marx’s line of reasoning, as regards man and God.

In classical Marxism, the notion of a god is dismissed as a human-made invention. This hardly made sense to me until now and after spending several years studying both the society and the Bible, I have come to the conclusion that Karl was probably right after all; man did create god – not the other way round. (at least not here in Nigeria, especially when talking from a ‘CHRISTIAN’ point of view, since I’m not a Muslim scholar and do not have the understanding of the Quran to afford me to make such an assertion about Muslims or Islam).

Immersed in despair and suffering, many Nigerians decided to seek God. However, when they couldn’t find God, because the people entrusted with the task of leading the population to him had ulterior motives, thus resulting in them creating their own god, or permit me to say; had a god created for them, custom built for the peculiarity of their brand of problems.

The Nigerian ‘god’ is a money loving fraudster, who is a ‘rich’ god to some people no matter how bad they are, yet keeps others in perpetual poverty no matter how hard they serve him, while the real God doesn’t care about money and values sacrifice more.

The Nigerian god loves buildings, cars, airplanes and power, while the real God cares more about people and their salvation.

The real God is LOVE. The Nigerian GOD is Money, which would you rather serve? ~FRZ


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