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Spanish Miss Universe Contestant falls into Swimming Pool as she catwalks

A beauty queen contestant, Pilar Magro, who is participating in Miss Universe Spain was filmed in an embarrassing fall into a pool as she strutted her stuff in a dress and high heels.

Pilar Magro was representing the central Spanish province of Caceres in the competition when she made the humiliating gaffe.

A clip shows Magro among a line-up of young women walking beside a pool at an undisclosed location in Spain.

She attempts an elegant twirl but the effect is ruined when she twirls herself off the edge and into the pool, disappearing under the surface with a shriek.

A lifeguard is on hand to help her get to the side and the only thing injured looks to be her pride.

After recovering her composure, Magro slips off her shoes and swims over to the pool’s steps.

The slip-up may have cost Magro the title, as it was eventually taken by Sofia del Prado of the central autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha.

Daily Mail

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