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Pregnant Woman jumps to her death after family denied her C-section

A pregnant woman in China committed suicide after her family denied her a C section.  Under Chinese law, the woman's family have to give doctors the go-ahead for a cesarean and in this case, her relatives said no.

The 26-year-old surnamed Ma repeatedly told her family on August 30 that she couldn't bear the pain anymore after doctors told her a natural birth would be risky. 

According to doctors, the fetus' large head circumference meant that a natural birth would have been risky to the health of the mother. 

Doctors told Ma that in order to be safe, she should have a caesarean section. 

However under Chinese law, family members have to give permission before medical staff conduct the surgery, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People's Daily Online. 

Her family said no and that they would prefer a natural birth. 

Huo Junwei, a doctor at the hospital told reporters: 'The pregnant woman twice walked out of the ward to tell her family that she wanted a cesarean because she could no longer bear the pain but the family were reluctant.'

Despite medical staffs' effort to convince the family, they still did not agree to the surgery. 

On the afternoon of September 4, the pregnant woman fell from the 20th floor of the hospital to her death. 

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