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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Nnamdi Kanu might have been killed by Soldiers during raid in his residence – Lawyer

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer has alleged that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) might have been killed by soldiers during a military raid in his residence. Ejiofor said this in a statement on Tuesday, September 19, while reacting to reports alleging that Kanu had fled the country to avoid arrest.

He said: “In view of the rumours being peddled in both electronic and print media that Nnamdi Kanu (my Client) has fled the country, I consider it compelling and obligatory to correct this false rhetoric, in regard to my Client state of being.

“Two consecutive times, the soldiers launched an unprovoked bloody raid on my client's residence, during which onslaught many of his relatives, friends and wards were massacred in their numbers, some arrested and taken to an unknown destination till date.

“I have no doubt whatsoever that stories making round that my Client has fled outside Nigeria, were planted to divert attention from their murderous raid on my client's house.

“I made last contact with my client few minutes into the bloody onslaught in his home on the 14th day of September 2017."

“The soldiers who are now alleging that he fled outside Nigeria, should be in a position to tell the world if they have smuggled him out into Cameroon.

“The soldiers must have made possible contact with him on this 14th day of September 2017, when they invaded his house on a bloody raid, and by virtue of which position, they should tell the world if he was caught by fire of bullets in the hit of the bloody onslaught or he was arrested alive.

“In all probability, my client may have been killed by the invading soldiers who are now seeking ways to fool the world into believing that he has left the country."

“On the face of this ugly development, I still passionately appeal to the members of indigenous people of Biafra and igbos at large to remain calm.
Be assured that our outcry on the present carnage going on in the south East is receiving speedy attention from the international community, as clearly manifested in uniform condemnation of the ethnic cleansing in the south East of Nigeria.

"I still advise, most strongly that it is better for the members of indigenous people Of Biafra to stay safe, and gladly await far reaching sanctions, and reprieve, that follow timely intervention of comity of nation,” he said.

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