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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Kendall Jenner predicted she'll be Super Model at 14

Last week Kendal Jennerl appeared on The Tonight Show to read a letter she wrote to herself as a young teenager. And the letter reveals young Kendall wrote about her hopes to blossom into a super model and travel around the globe - a dream that just seven years later she's already achieved.

The letter, penned September 2, 2010, opens with Kendall addressing herself, with a couple of hearts and smiley faces in between.

She said, 'This is by the way still my hand writing, I have a full 10-year-old boy's handwriting.'

She went onto read: 'Dear me, I am on my freshman retreat right now and it is really boring. But I met new people so I guess that's good.

'I am modeling right now and I love it! I am also on a show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians and we are filming season five,' she added.

'My goal in life is to become a big time model and travel to really amazing places. I really hope it happens!' she exclaimed.

'I'm 14-years-old, just thought I would say that. LOL. Oh and I'm really excited to read this in the future!' she closed her message.

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